Tetra Tech is a forward-thinking, progressive company that strives for the highest level of excellence.

Corporate Leadership
Dan Batrack
Dan L. Batrack
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer
Leslie Shoemaker
Leslie L. Shoemaker
Steve Burdick
Steven M. Burdick
Executive Vice President,
Chief Financial Officer
William Brownlie
William R. Brownlie
Senior Vice President, Chief Engineer
Brian Carter
Brian N. Carter
Senior Vice President, Corporate Controller and Chief Accounting Officer
Craig Christensen
Craig L. Christensen
Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer

Preston Hopson
Senior Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary
Richard Lemmon
Richard A. Lemmon
Senior Vice President, Corporate Administration

Brendan O’Rourke
Senior Vice President, Enterprise Risk Management
Operational Leadership

Derek G. Amidon
President, Commercial/International Services Group and President, Client Account Management Division

Roger R. Argus
President, Government Services Group and President, U.S. Government Division

Keith Brown
President, Global Development Services Division

Stuart W. Fowler
President, High Performance Buildings Division

Jill M. Hudkins
President, Resilient and Sustainable Infrastructure Division

Bernard Teufele
President, Canada and South America Division
Dan Batrack
Dan L. Batrack
Chairman of the Board, Director since 2005

Gary R. Birkenbeuel
Director since 2018
Patrick C. Haden
Patrick C. Haden
Director since 1992
J. Christopher Lewis
J. Christopher Lewis
Director since 1988
Joanne Maguire
Joanne M. Maguire
Director since 2016
Kimberly E. Ritrievi
Kimberly E. Ritrievi
Director since 2013
J. Kenneth Thompson
J. Kenneth Thompson
Director since 2007
Kirsten M. Volpi
Kirsten M. Volpi
Director since 2013
Li San Hwang
Li-San Hwang
Chairman Emeritus